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Ana Neu’s Step by Step Guide to building the Perfect Character

In this video

How do you build the perfect character for your novel? Ana shares how she develops her characters and includes a downloadable template for character development.

“I think characters are just so important and integral to any sort of story and though this video is about how to make the perfect character,” she explains, then goes on to clarify what building the perfect character is about; “It’s not perfect as in the sense of them being this hero who’s fully flawless and, you know, loved by everyone. No it’s actually the ‘perfect character’ as in someone who has flaws, who has phobias, who has weaknesses, and who is relatable to a lot of different people, and especially to your readers.”

One of the cool things Ana does is find pictures that represent the way she imagines her character to look.

Ana Neu on how to develop the perfect character.

Her process includes brainstorming personality traits, a life motto, strengths, weaknesses, and quirks for her characters.

Then she thinks about the story that she wants to tell with that individual character. So each character has a story they are telling. Pow! We love this! This includes the character’s backstory, present story and end story.

A major point that Ana hammers home is that your characters need to evolve during the course of the story. There has to be some transformation. “I want to stress so much that your character needs to change in your book. There is no point if your character just stays the same. Of course, if they’re a side character this might be less important, but especially if you’re working through main characters, ensure that you have backstory, present story, and your end story.”

We love that Ana takes us through an example of how this process would work using one of her favorite characters from her books, Amen Luo.

You can also check out Ana’s podcast, Writing With Ana Neu, on Spotify where she covers various topics related to writing, publishing and book marketing.

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