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Dawn Montefusco Reveals How You Know If You’re Writing The Right Book

In this video

You probably have a number of ideas for a book, but you choose one. Maybe the book you’re writing now, is one of a many manuscripts that you have ‘in progress.’ How do you know which one is the right one?

Write Your True Story - Dawn Montefusco - Book Cover

Dawn Montefusco, a transformational writing coach, story editor, and creator of the Facebook group, Write From Your Heart, explores this very question in this video.

Dawn is the author of Write Your True Story, which she describes thus: “This book will tell you why right now is the best time in all of human history to write your story and finish your book. It will show you how to write your story in a way that will not only connect you to your authentic self, but also how to make deep connections with your reader.”

Back to the question of how do you know you’re writing the right book? Dawn says the first question you ask yourself is “Who are you writing the book for?” Who is your audience?

And the answer is not “Everybody.”

She goes on to explain how to think about your audience and how to go through the process of identifying them. “So I want you to think about this. Your audience is not the whole world, and if you want to earn money from your book and from your writing you want to be very specific on who are you helping.”

Dawn gives an example of her own book, Write Your True Story. When she was writing it, her writing coach asked her who she was writing it for and she said, wait for it, “Everybody.” In hindsight, she realized the foolishness of that thinking.

Dawn has a course on writing your own short book really fast.

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